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Plant Benefits.

It's super important in life that we look after number one. (that may be my plants in my case ha) We strive to stay as healthy as possible. Starts with the basics of adding greenery into your living space aka your home. Plants are a living thing and need to be looked after. You can get a lot of satisfaction of watching your plants grow.

My fascination of walking the city of Melbourne and laneways and streets is appreciating all of the greenery everywhere. 

Being close to nature is linked to positive mental well-being and people living in urban areas have been shown to have a disadvantage in processing stress.

Research has shown the following for indoor plants;
Reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats and colds
Clean indoor air by absorbing toxins and producing  oxygen
Add life to a sterile office, give privacy and reduce noise levels
Are therapeutic and good for mental health and a lot cheaper than a therapist
Boost mood, productivity, concentration and creativity


I like to have plants in my bedroom as it can certainly improve your night’s rest. The correct plants can give plenty of fresh air and clean oxygen that help soothe and reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Snake Plant, English Ivy, Rhapis Palm, Pothos, Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Rubber Plants and Aloe Vera are great plants for you living space. Get yours today