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As a plant loving child, Greenery was born from my ongoing appreciation and love of nature. A touch of green brings life and freshness to any environment. Within cafes, offices, balconies and communal spaces plants provide a vibrance and contrast to the man-made elements of Melbourne,

 Including greenery in your home environment not only improves its aesthetics but it has been shown to boost productivity and reduce stress levels. Something to tell your Mum/housemate/dog when they try to stop you from buying your next plant because “you already have so many”.

 Greenery initially began in the event plant hire industry, We have supplied trees, plants and done incredible horticulture styling for some of Australia’s premier events. From flower walls to succulent sensations we supply greenery of any style, for any occasion  If you are interested in hiring us for any event, please check out

 During these uncertain times we realised that people are spending more time at home or in separated workspaces. This has been a struggle for everyone, us included. In an attempt to provide positivity and freshness to these spaces Greenery online was developed. We wanted people to have easy and safe access to plants to improve the vibes of their working and home environments.

 We offer the highest quality plants from Australia’s best suppliers and growers. You just have to click on what you like and we deliver it directly to your door (whilst maintaining distance and hygiene requirements). Our stock continues to change based on the season so if we don’t have what you want right now doesn’t mean we won’t have it in the future,

 Thanks for supporting a local business like us during this time! We look forward to adding some Greenery to your space.