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The Spathiphyllum also know as "The Peace Lily" is a native to the tropical regions of the America’s.

The Spathiphyllum is a very popular indoor plant. It’s dense glossy foliage brigs great colour to the room. When in flower the bright white head of the plant is eye catching and delicate.

This plant is a great plant for the bedroom. It purifies air by absorbing toxins through the leaves and producing pure oxygen. Best located in a well-lit room with indirect sunlight.

Greenery maintenance tips.

This plant is easy to tell when it needs watered as it will start to droop over. Once watered you will see it pick back up again. Keep soil moist (not wet) but don’t over water. Best suited in a well-lit room with indirect sunlight. Avoid a space that has hot or cold draughts.

Yellowing leaves indicate that the light is too strong, and brown leaves or streaks indicate scorching from direct sunlight.